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Sex with women at Justin Bieber concerts and being paid thousands to fly to Tuscany for romantic try

A Columbia student has opened up about his experiences as a male gigolo, telling how he regularly has sex with women and mothers for money to help pay the high cost of the Ivy League school.'On more than a few occasions, I've been paid about $800 to sit in a room and pop balloons while a woman masturbates,' the unidentified co-ed wrote in a tell-all column for a school newspaper.The student has kept his identity a secret, revealing only that he comes from a large, middle-class Catholic family and fears that his parents might find out about his extracurricular activities. One of many: The unidentified student claims that he is far from the only person at Columbia University who is working as an escort to help pay the bills'F*** it, if I can get paid $15,000 to spend a December week lounging on a beach in Tuscany instead of freezing my ass off in New York, I'm going to do it, while I'm still young enough to be hired for that sort of gig,' he wrote in the Columbia Lion.He claims that he is far from alone in the process- and his girlfriend even works as an escort for the same reasons.Tuition, fees, books and room and board cost $64,144 at Columbia, making it one of the top five most expensive colleges in the country.He explained that the escort agency that he works with groups most of their male gigolos into two categories- those who will fulfill a 'boyfriend experience' and those who would fit better with women looking for a 'pornstar experience'.'I tried (working in the pornstar experience category) for a while, but the (boyfriend experience) money is better, and there's only so many times you can let a woman have at you with a strap-on before it starts feeling a little too gay4pay. (My limit is once.)'Instead, he is marketed as a 'Prince Charming...because I remind middle-aged women of that popular guy they liked in high school'.One such date came when a mother hired him to go to a Justin Bieber concert with her and her daughters.'I think part of it was that she probably wanted that high school experience of f****** in the bathroom during a concert, but somehow it's a little different when "Baby" is what's playing over the speakers and you're at Barclay's, not the Bowery,' he wrote.Some dates- like the time he was hired to take a teenager to prom after she was dumped that day- are clearly more memorable than others, but he says that the standard situation is a four hour date with sex that nets him dinner, a hotel room, and $1,200.The newspaper claims to have verified his background and asserts that he is a working escort who is a student at Columbia.If true, he is just one of a handful of recent cases that have come to light about students turning to prostitution and the sex trade to pay off student loans.Duke University student Belle Knox gained infamy after she was revealed as a porn star after being outed by another student, but then she went on to embrace the spotlight and stripped at a New York club in March.Making money: He said that the average 'date' lasted for four hours and included dinner, sex, a free hotel room and a $1,200 payout

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